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Not Available
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Jan. 27, 2019
Date released:
March 1, 2018
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Windows 10/Mobile,
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Available for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 (ARM)

Oilfield Assistant for Windows 10 v2.0.1.0

Over 100 equations, custom units' settings/converter and API Tubular specs.

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Oilfield Assistant for Windows 10 Editor's review

Over 100 equations, custom units' settings/converter and API Tubular specs!

Oilfield Assistant gathers over 100 calculations/equations from the Oil and Gas world. It also includes Casing/Drill Pipe/HW/DC/Tubing Specifications and a convenient Oilfield Units Converter!

The App has customizable units including, but not limited to, English and Metric systems.

Our calculations:

Accumulator Pre-charge Pressure, Actual gas migration rate, Adj. Max. shut-in CSG P, Amount of Cuttings, Annular Capacity, Annular Pressure Loss, Annular Velocity (AV) in ft-min, Bulk Density -Cuttings- Mud Bal, Buoyancy Factor (BF), Calculate dogleg severity, Calculate Influx Height, Casing Specifications, Common Problems - Effects, Cost Per Foot Calculation, Critical Flow Rate, Critical RPM, Cutting Carrying Index, Cutting Slip Velocity Method#1, Cutting Slip Velocity Method#2, d Exponent, Drill Collars Weight to avoid Drill Pipe Buckling, Decrease oil water ratio, Density of oil-water mixture, Depth of washout, Determine OWR- retort analysis, Dilution to Control LGS, Directional Survey Calculation, Displacement of plain pipe, Drill Collar Weight, Drill Collars Specifications, Drill Pipe Specifications, ECD - YP MW less than 13 ppg, ECD - YP MW more than 13 ppg, ECD with Engineering Formula, Effective Viscosity, Equivalent Circulating Density, Estimate Type of Influx (kick), Final Circulating Pressure, Force given pressure and area, Force given pressure and diam, Formation Integrity Test (FIT), Formation P - Kick Analysis, Formation Temperature, Gas migration rate - Empirical, Geology Formulas, Heavy Weight DP Specifications, HP Loss due to Gas Cut, Hydraulic Horse Power (HPP), Hydrostatic P Decrease - POOH, Hydrostatic Pressure (HP), Increase Mud Density - Barite, Increase Mud Density - Hematite, Increase Mud Density -Carbonate, Increase oil water ratio, Initial Circulating Pressure, Inner cylindrical capacity, Kick Tolerance - Stack & V Well, Kick tolerance factor (KTF), Kill Mud Weight, Lag Time Calculation, Leak Off Test (LOT), Length of DP - HP loss - d pull, Length of DP - HP loss - w pull, Light weight spot fill -Balance, Loss of HP - water into annulus, Max Form. P - shut-in well, Max influx height = to MASICP, Max pit gain - gas kick in WBM, Max Surface P - Gas in WBM, Max surface pressure - kick tol, Maximum In Shut-In CSG P, Maximum Rigid Length, Mix diff fluid den- limit space, Mix diff fluids- unlimit. space, New Pressure Loss With New Mud, New Pump Pressure With New Stks, Optimum Flow Rate, Pressure loss in annulus - corr. coef., Pressure loss in drill string with TJC, Pressure loss through the drill string, Pressure required to break circulation, Pipe Elongation Due to Temp, Plastic Viscosity & Yield Point, Power Law Constant, Pressure Drop Across a Bit, Pressure Gradient Calculation, Pressure loss in annulus, Pressure loss in surface equip., Pressure to Mud Weight, Pump out, Pump Pres. & Pump Stroke Rel, Reduce mud weight (dilution), Reynolds Number, Riser Margin, Slug Calculation, Stuck Pipe Calculation, Surge and swab P - Method 1, Surge and swab P - Method 2, Tensile Capacity of Drillpipe, Ton Mile Calculation, Total Bit Rev in Mud Motor, Trip margin calculation, Tubing Specifications, Unit Converter, Unit Settings


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