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Aug. 9, 2022
Date released:
July 9, 2013
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Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows,
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ZTSvc v1.0.0.3

Deploy and install software and client tasks automatically.

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ZTSvc is designed to install software (packages) in the context of the local system automatically. Therefore the software must be prepared with scripts that execute an unattended installation of the software. In the case of a MSI installation refer to the command line switches of msiexec (example msiexec /package xy.msi /passive /norestart). The process of software installation will be configured with the local file ztsvc.ini beside the ztsvc.exe. The file has the following format: [Name of the package] path=Path to the unattended install script of the package and vers=Version String.

The service reads one section in ztsvc.ini which is the abstraction of one software package. Next the service looks for footprints of the package in the registry. If the corresponding parameters are not found (first installation) or the version in the registry does not match (update) the service will execute the script specified with path. The package script (path) can be executed from a local or from a network drive. To map the network drive automatically the service will perform a WNetAddConnection call with the service parameters uncp, ndrv, user,and pswd. Before the script is executed the service will send a Message to the active session for tmsg seconds (If tmsg = 0 no message will be displayed). A successful execution of the package script in the context of the service (local system is reported to the registry) Note: If the script exits with an error code the parameter vers will not be saved in the registry to allow an installation at the next version check. This can be after tsvc seconds or after the next reboot. If the scripts exits with the errorlevel code=1641 or code=3010 (this indicates a required MSI reboot) the Version vers will be saved in the registry. The services accumulates the reboot request and will then (at the end of the software installation process) perform a reboot.


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