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Hold a specific key continuously to automate repeated key strokes.

Auto Presser is an easy-to-use tool that can press a specified key automatically. Some games require the user to hold a key continuously. You can use Auto Presser to do this. Then you can release at least one of your finger, and play the game better and more comfortable. You can press the hotkeys to start and stop it at ...

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Windows 8 Key Finder

Retreive Windows 8 product key from your system.


Keyboard LaunchPad

Assign hot keys to almost any kind of action.


Key Remapper

Remap keyboard keys and mouse buttons.


RobotSoft Key Presser

Hold the key continuously and delay a fixed time between two key press events.


Auto Keyboard

Automate repetitive key presses and releases.


Auto Clicker and Auto Typer 2 in 1

Automate mouse clicking and typing.