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Jan. 26, 2020
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Jan. 7, 2020
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Simplode Suite v1.0.0.5584

Do more with your computer with handy features in one consistent, compact package.

Simplode Suite Editor's review

Simplode Suite is a toolset which lets you do more with your computer. It contains a great variety of features, all in one convenient, consistent, compatible, compact (~5MB) package. By just trying the product, you even get to keep a free version which includes some of the features marked below.

It can help you: Manage your screen space by tiling with ultimate flexibility. Save electricity and stay cool while improving on-demand performance. Wave your hands in the air to control your computer. (Kinect V2 required) Use most of your existing apps with a glass-like dynamic styling. Experience the futuristic ring menu user interface.(Free) Fully customize your experience within the app, including easy theme presets such as Dark Mode. Quickly find running programs. (Free) Quickly open your favorite programs and documents. (Free) Move your cursor with higher accuracy and speed. Maybe. Resize windows easier. Quickly take partial screenshots for reference. Figure out where your cursor is hiding. Balance your microphone and speaker volume levels in real time. Explore ~100 actions, ~30 menus and ~300 configurable settings, all with online and offline documentation, plus extensive video documentation.

Download (4MB)

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