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Date added:
Nov. 11, 2015
Date released:
Feb. 23, 2013
Operating system:
Windows XP/Vista/7,
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Additional Requirements
Mozilla Firefox Skipper v4.0

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It seems this add-on to firefox browser can do the job. There has been a definite improvement over the aggravation I was having with that ****** trojan that is buried somewhere, making it hard to find so as to get rid of it. It is still there, because once in a while I will see it pop up its annoying banner, but this firefox add-on is definitely doing its job of supressing the bot from redirecting the browser to their site. There are other software programs that are really aggressive in finding this trojan, such as Rogue Killer, but you run them at your own risk as they might mess up your computer by deleting registry files you need to run the computer. This firefox add-on is safer because it suppresses the trojan from working. If it doesn't bother you, then the problem is solved.

Download (167.83KB)

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