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All software, Windows


DU Recorder for Windows 10

The best voice, just download.


One Click Root

Root your Android Device with one click.


Happy Wheels

Play an interesting action game for free.


MikuMikuDance (MMD)

Choreograph and create 3D animation movies with music.


Supercopier (32-bit)

Replace files copy dialogs in Windows with more sophisticated ones.



Generate realistic looking test data for your SQL Server.


Free BitLocker Manager

Manage Microsoft BitLocker drive encryption, lock/unlock drives protected by BitLocker.


Microsoft Publisher 2007

Create, design, and publish professional marketing and communication materials.


Zotac WinUSB Maker

Create Windows setup using USB flash drive.



Create and edit documents with original Microsoft basic word-processing program.



Facilitate set up and installation of various Fortinet products.


Ava Find

Find any file on your computer instantly.