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Set animated wallpaper on your Windows desktop.



Enjoy slideshow screensaver for Bee-Movie.


Aquarium Screensaver

Bring the beauty of freshwater aquariums to your desktop.


Holiday Lights

Decorate your screen with holiday lights and sing along to the background music.


3D New Year's Countdown

Watch the New Year countdown in multimedia.


Halloween Screensaver

Bring you the look and feel of Halloween right to your computer.


Clock Saver

View current time and day of week on your screen.

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Matrix Screensaver

Replicate a falling green matrix code on your dekstop.


Fireplace Screensaver

Decorate your desktop with a fireplace screensaver.


Analog DIN Clock Screensaver

Decorate your desktop with an analog clock screensaver.


Phota Flowers Screensaver

Display a slide show of flowers.


Animated Aquarium 3D Fish Screensaver

Decorate your desktop with an aquarium screensaver.