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QuickLook for Windows 10

Note: This app does NOT work on Windows 10 S devices.


Lingvanex - Home Translator and Dictionary for Windows 10

Lingvanex is a modern translation application for 10+ languages.


Target Sum Finder

Find solutions to hit target sum for a set of data.



Draw on a desktop screen with your hands.


HP Registration for Windows 10

Register with HP enables you to register your device with HP for personalized care.


Easy Flyer Creator for Windows 10

Make flyers, brochures, certificates, posters, signs and similar publishing docs in few minutes.



Find, organize, and download datasheets from site or your own sources.


Screen Ruler 2D

Measure your desktop with pixel ruler in two dimensions (horizontal and vertical).


Metroset Passport for Windows 10

This metroset passport app is to transfer user data and profile, like payment info and credits to new account.



Take screenshots, capture audio, and automatically upload it to the Web.


163 Mail for Windows 10

163 Mail for Windows 8 is a newly redesigned mail client for tablets and PC.


Window Calendar for Windows 10

A Gregorian, Lunar and Solar Calendar with great features.