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Networking Software & Sub Categories


Quick Tftp Server Pro

Perform Tftp and Telnet operations.


JiJi Password Expiration Notification

Stay notified when your Active Directory password expires.



Administer your network with advanced management features.


VisualPulse Web Edition

Monitor your Web sites, servers, and nodes.


RDP Shield

Protect your server from brute force attacks.


Remote Group Manager for Windows

Remotely manage multiple PC/Servers local groups at once.



Control PC apps via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or infrared remote control.


iStatus Monitor Desktop Edition

Receive relevant Internet and network information.


Acrylic WiFi Free

Search for WiFi networks and overlapping WiFi channels around.


EMCO Remote Deployment

Install or uninstall applications on your local PC remotely.


Ping Range

Audit your devices connected to a DHCP server.


Utopia Power Manager

Create groups, assign schedules to manage power policies or administrative tasks in your LAN.