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Manage the classroom and assist the trainer.

SoftLINK is a comprehensive software package used in computer classrooms to effectively present lessons or material to the class, keep an eye on the students' computer activity, and raise student's retention rates.

SoftLINK provides instructors with all the essential features needed to keep their students' on task, raise their test scores, replicate the instructor's screen on all the student monitors, conduct ...

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Robomate+ for Windows 10

Robomate+ (Robomate Plus) is the world's largest curriculum based exam preparation app for students.


TEAS V Flashcards Pro for Windows 10

TEAS V Flashcards Pro is for nursing students preparing for the TEAS V Exam.


Imagine Learning for Windows 10

Imagine Learning harnesses the power of technology to teach language and literacy to students around the world through engaging, interactive instruction.



updated version of the original computer lab tool


Nearpod. for Windows 10

Description Nearpod is a must have application for teachers and schools that have access to mobile devices and laptops in their classes.


Atoms, Bonding and Structure

Learn chemical elements, compounds and mixtures, and atomic structure.