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Highlight pricing trends, crunch the numbers, and see what's hot and what's not at eBay.



Calculate, override the spot price, research, and get maximum return on your silver coin collecting investments.


Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay

Manage and snipe auctions on eBay.


eBay Auction Sniper and Auto Search

Win auctions on eBay by bidding in the final seconds.


JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper Pro

Search, monitor, analyze, and snipe eBay auctions.


BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Pro

Track eBay auctions and place bids in the last seconds of auctions.


BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Free

Place bids in the last seconds of eBay auctions.

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Automate eBay searches and save time when browsing for rare items and deals.


eBay Desktop

Browse and bid on eBay without leaving your desktop PC.


Auction Data Wizard

Process your bulk listings CSV or tab delimited files.


Auction Auto Bidder

Place your bids just seconds before eBay auctions end which helps keep the end price lower.



Search, sort, and filter auction lots on eBay.