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Velocity for Windows 10

This application measures not only your current and average speed, but also the acceleration, altitude, vertical speed and course.


BasicFlightComputer for Windows 10

This app solves a wind triangle by allowing you entering four values out of six (three speeds and three angles) and calculating the remaining two.


World Explorer 360 - Travel Guid for Windows 10

'World Explorer 360' is a new and exciting way to discover what is interesting around you and around the World, should you be on a trip or just laying on your sofa.


Cristaxi Bucuresti for Windows 10

The new application Cris Taxi Bucharest offers: Order taxi with two clicks only.


MapmyIndia Maps for Windows 10

Are you tired of reaching the wrong destination every time you use GPS navigation?


Itaway for Windows 10

e-bike tourism in Italy.


iGo for Windows 10

Downloads iGo if you want to know where is the most awesome place to spent your vacations.


e-Ticket Tours for Windows 10

e-Ticket Tours is dedicated to helping travelers around the globe receive deep discounts for all their travel needs.


Outdoor Tracker for Windows 10

Display your current location on a map, record a track while you are walking or plan your trek and import it into the application.


Barcelona Smart City for Windows 10

Taking advantage of real-time information provided by the City of Barcelona, the application helps people to take advantage of the infrastructures of the city, either because they are passing through or living in this wonderful why Smart City.


Sweet'N'Spicy for Windows 10

Sweet'N'Spicy is the largest collection of Indian Foods and Recipes powered by


BusGuide for Windows 10

BusGuide lets you get the bus arrival timing of SBS and SMRT busses at different bus stops around Singapore.