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Lyft for Windows 10

Need a lift? Use Lyft to get an affordable ride in minutes.


Terra Icons for Windows 10

All cities have landmarks or points of interest that help identify them, and that shouldn't be missed.


Dictionnaire Kikongo

Translate Kikongo words to French.


Caption Translator

Translate Chinese subtitled movies into English.



Estimate the position of a dragged sensor based on the location of a GPS-receiver.


English To Italian and Italian To English Converter Software

Convert English sentences to Italian and vice versa.


Chat Translator for Skype

Translate Skype chats to Dutch, French, Chinese or Japanese.


Phonetracker Location Center ForFree

Track a mobile object in real time by GPRS / 3G connection on Windows PC.


ITN Converter

Create, convert, and plan your route for trip.


GPS Tracker for Windows 10

This app allows you to track your current location and send it as an SMS or mail to any one you want.