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Monitor and detect who is making changes to your directories and network shares in real-time.

FREE features* Real-time monitoring of file changes, modifications, deletions, new files and file access.* Monitor local directories or network shares (including hidden/private shares).* Balloon notifications whenever an event is detected.* Options to detect all files in subdirectories and changes to file attributes.* Optionally execute an application/script when an event occurs.* Log all changes to a text file of your choice.* ...

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File Compression

Compress and decompress files.


File View Pro V10

This app is a minimalist easy to use app that can help you if you want to open a file.



Copy files with much more options than what is built into Windows.


Batch File Renamer

Rename many files at once with lots of options.


BestSync 2019

Synchronize or back up file to FTP, cloud storage, or WebDAV with advanced features.


File Hash Generator

Compute and save hashes and checksums for multiple files: MD5, SHA1, SHA2, CRC.