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Networking Software & Sub Categories


Intel Wireless Bluetooth for Windows 7

Install the latest Intel Wireless Bluetooth drivers on your Windows 7 computer.


Internet Sharing

Share your Internet to any Wi-Fi enabled device.


Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Wi-Fi Drivers

Add new configuration tabs to the supported Intel Adapters in Windows Device Manager.


Archer C7 V2 Firmware

Download the latest firmware for your Archer C7 V2 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit router.


Linksys E3200 Firmware

Update Linksys E3200 Firmware.



Provide Internet access to your customers.


GPS Sensor Driver (64-bit)

Provide GPS information to all Windows 7 aware applications.


WiFi Channel Scanner

View the status of all WiFi wireless hotspots around you.


WLAN Optimizer

Disable the periodical background scan activity for wireless networks.


WiFi Sharing Manager

Share your laptop WiFi to your second computer which lacks wireless adapter card.



Turn desktop, or notebook computer into a WiFi hotspot to share Internet connection.


Free WiFi Hotspot

Create Wi-Fi hot spot on your PC and share Internet connection with other devices.