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Networking Software & Sub Categories


Hosts File Manager

Create, check, and correct the syntax of the hostnames.



Set up big data transmission for enterprise users, distribute TB-class mass files worldwide.


Genialist Media Server

Organize, sort, access, and stream all your media files on your home network and beyond.



Empowers users with cost-effective access to X Window applications on UNIX


Windows Home Server

Easily access your files, photos, videos, and music from any PC or TV in your home, or even while away from home.


SolarWinds TFTP Server

Upload and download executable images onto TFTP server.


Folder Copy & Backup

Copy manually, auto backup, sync, and transfer any type of files between various storage media.


LepideAuditor for File Server

Keep track of all changes made in Windows File Server and NetApp filers.


PS3 Media Server

Include server media to your PlayStation 3 over your network.