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MP3 & Audio Software & Sub Categories


Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro

Analyze audio spectrum and automate 3D view.


Karafun Player

Change the tempo, the pitch, and add live effects and choirs of your songs to make karaoke.


MusicBrainz Picard

Tag your music in utilizing the MusicBrainz data.


Xpand 2

Create and record music with a multi-timbral workstation.


Boom 3D

Apply addictive audio effects, personalized equalizer presets, and mind blowing volume boost.


Rytmik Ultimate

Create music clips or whole songs for your Friday night set-list.


Soft4Boost Audio Studio

Cut, trim, split, merge audio, apply various effects and filters.


winLAME Portable Edition

Read in audio tracks from CDs or encode audio files from your hard drive.


Media Go

Organize Music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, games, and photos on your computer.


DSP Audio Filter

Filter or compress continuous real-world analog signals on your Windows PC.


AP Tuner

Tune up and find low and inharmonic notes.


Free Audio Editor

Record and edit audio.