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Handicap greyhound races by maintaining database of free data.



Convert a video of a Go game into an SGF file and/or a game record.


LPT_Switch Eng

Switch on/off up to 12 electrical devices selectively using LPT port.


Orphalese Tarot

Scan and use your own Tarot deck collection, create spreads and readings.


Collectorz Companion

Get the jump on those hot, new pop-culture collectibles that sell out as soon as they are released.


Tracking the Eye

Get coordinates, real-time satellite images, and other information on hurricanes.


RAGS Suite

Create interactive fiction games with ease.



Create laser engravings from images, import vectors or draw simple sketches for cutting.


FPS Creator Free

Create first person shooter games in minutes by painting levels and populating with on-line content.


Horse Racing Tip Predictor

Predict the most likely horse to win a race.


Calorie The Diet Diary App

Track your daily food intake from menus.


Bangla Quran

Read quran in bangla on your PC.