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RAGS Suite

Create interactive fiction games with ease.



Find out the current weather conditions and forecasts for locations worldwide.


Shop'NCook Pro

Organize and cost out recipes, plan healthy menus, and make grocery lists effortlessly.


Shop'NCook Menu

Organize recipes, plan healthy meals, and make grocery lists.


Home Cookin

Organize your recipes, plan meals, prepare grocery lists, create cookbooks, import web recipes.


The Moving Day Mystery for Windows 10

Many years ago, when my daughter was a five year old, we decided to build a new home before she attended kindergarten.


The Enchanted Crayon

Teach children how to make a choice and basic computer skills through coloring drawings.



Create laser engravings from images, import vectors or draw simple sketches for cutting.


FPS Creator Free

Create first person shooter games in minutes by painting levels and populating with on-line content.


Horse Racing Tip Predictor

Predict the most likely horse to win a race.


Calorie The Diet Diary App

Track your daily food intake from menus.



Catalog book, music, and video collections.