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Kill new monsters of a destroyed city.

In the neighborhoods of destroyed cities, new monsters have appeared. You, a specialist in killing monsters, set out to hunt them yet again. This time more monsters got out of their holes. Collect ammo in the city. You need to try better to stay alive.

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Pixel Manif for Windows 10

''Pixel Manif" is a game developed within 48 hours, it is a demonstration of the simulator is to manage your CRS you to avoid overflows and protect the mayor of the city as long.


Desert City Arena

Show your military skills in a training camp built far in the desert.


Parasites In Ruined City

Slay monsters and give people hope for life under the sun.


Elite Sniper 2

Take out enemies from a distance as a sniper in a local conflict.


Dark Monster In City 2

Clear the city before dawn before the monsters can hide again only to reappear in a new place.


Kill Alien Monsters 3

Take weapons and do not spare anyone.