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Color is a game to relax. It looks like a simple arcade, but in fact you need to try to get through


Jardinains 2

Break bricks, bounce gnomes, score big, stay up past your bedtime.


OpenTTd Portable

Control a transport company and compete against rival companies to make a profit.


Dead Sewerage 2

Destroy the monsters of the sewers.


Dead City

Look for weapons or take them away from dead enemies.



Slash, dash, and claw your way to victory and face your enemies against their Ultimate Boss Mode.


Kamaz Truck Driver

Test your driving and parking skills while driving a large and heavy truck.


Russian Offroad Truck Driver

Drive your truck to the finish line without losing your load.


Dungeon Quest

Pass through all the dungeons, kill monsters, grab gains, and buy new weapons.


Horrible Night Monsters 3

Grab your weapon and destroy zombies.



Control a colored square and find your way out of mazes filled with various bonuses and obstacles.


Booking Revolution

Run your own wrestling promotion with fully playable matches.