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AOL Video for Windows 10

AOL Video has been redesigned.


Mobile FlashScore for Windows 10

Follow current soccer live scores on your mobile phone.


LINE WEBTOON Comics for Windows 10

LINE Webtoon service is a fun digital content service in which readers can view new content scheduled to be revealed every day of the week for free and conveniently enjoy webtoons on mobile devices.


TDKR: Prologue for Windows 10

To get you ready for the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy, download this official app to experience the Prologue to ''The Dark Knight Rises''.


Beansprout UWP for Windows 10

Version 2.0 now 1.29USD in WindowsStore.


Groove: Smart Music Player for Windows 10

Don't know what to listen to? With Groove, find the perfect playlist for any occasion in just a few taps.


Wallpapers for Samsung S6 for Windows 10

Mobile wallpapers promise a bunch of Samsung wallpaper.


FeatApp for Windows 10

FeatApp tracks the users physical activity and rewards them for their efforts by providing discounts for stores and healthy food experiences.


Typography - Better Fonts Forever for Windows 10

Typography - Better Fonts Forever is a creative Photo Editor to make your photos in art.


iFun universe for Windows 10

iFun is a tribute to all the engineers that worked on the wonderful world of telephony.


Taku for Windows 10

Your favorite media site Kotaku, Gawker, Gizmodo, and I09.


Bigo Live TV for Windows 10

BIGO network is a live stream service for people to make friends, chat and view live video.