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Guitar Chords Laboratory

Learn to play guitar better by exploring a chord database.


TwelveKeys Music Transcription Assistant

Detect notes and interpret music recordings.


QuickScore Elite

Write and edit music with comprehensive, integrated composition and notation software.


Relaxing Sounds Software

Generate relaxing sounds from the computer's speakers.



Manage and play karaoke tracks.


Saath Sangeet

Practice Indian classical music with a collection of adjustable music loops.


Personal Numerologist

Create numerology personality, compatibility and forecast reports and charts.


NFL Forecaster

Rank NFL teams and predict winners and spreads.

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Art Text Lite for Windows 10

Art Text Lite is a Freeware design application for turning text into art and creating application icons, and web graphics.


Music Publisher

Manage music editing, transposing, and printing.


All Stats Baseball Coach

Manage your sport teams.