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Educational Software & Sub Categories


JDD Software Exam Simulator

Prepare yourself for ECS and/or 17th Edition Wiring Regulations exams.


Vocab Test Study Software

Study for a vocabulary test by taking a multiple choice practice test.


Mobile Repairing Assistant

Provide mobiles phones repairing diagrams, guideline to repair.


Typing Exam Hindi Remington Gail

Learn to type in Hindi Mangal.


BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks)

Provide a programming language for kids 8-14.


Logic Friday

Solve digital logic circuits based on IC packages with logic functions.


Java Programs for Windows 8

Display 70 important JAVA programs and concepts on your Windows 8 device.



Provide assistance for the introductory mechanics of materials course.



Add new words, write notes for each word, and update explanations or examples.


Longman English Dictionary Browser

Explore and learn English from Longman English Dictionary on your desktop.



Study physics for Medical Entrance Exams.