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Educational Software & Sub Categories


Qir'at Quran Reciter for PCs

Read the Quran or listen to its audio version.


Quran Majeed with Search

Read the Holy Quran in Arabic, Urdu, and English languages.


Interval Timer for Windows 10

''Interval Timer for Windows 10" is a easy to use interval trainer.


Kotobee Author

Create and edit eBooks suitable for education and publishing.


Franciscan-e-Care for Windows 10

Franciscan e-Care' mobile app is a smart tool, a complete and comprehensive package which brings all e-Care facilities at one place at fingertips for all users (School management, Teachers, Parents and Students).


Teno for Windows 10

TENO - Teacher's Note: TENO is a free to use new age tool that facilitates communication between teachers and parents/students.


Statistics Problem Solver

Solve statistical problems and learn how to deal with them yourself.


Al Diwan for Windows 10

What is MoE Al Diwan eReader?


Moodle Desktop for Windows 10

Introducing Moodle Desktop - the solution to accessing your Moodle courses on Windows desktop and surface tablets.


Skoolbag for Windows 10

Skoolbag App for schools.


CBZ Maker Tool

Create CBZ files from your images.