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Educational Software & Sub Categories


Eye Care Software

Protect your eyes while using computer.


ePub3 Reader for Windows 10

Download FREE ePub3 Reader now to start enjoying your interactive ePub3 e-books library.


PC Study Bible Limited Edition

Read and learn from the Bible.


Lightbot for Windows 10

Get kids hooked on coding within minutes.


EDS ePub Reader

Read and convert e-books in EPUB format.


Type Master for Windows 10

Type Master is a TOUCH TYPING tutor that helps you learn to type using all your 10 FINGERS without watching the keyboard.


Explain Everything for Windows 10

Authentic, Immediate, and Delightful.


Black Screen

Make your screen black by pressing a key combination, rest your eyes and reset attention.


Balsamiq Mockups

Build wireframes using your keyboard.


Prayer Times PC

Get accurate prayer/salat times, qibla direction and athan (adhan/azan).


The Oxford Dictionary for Windows 10

The very latest vocabulary, with over 350, 000 words, phrases and meanings.


JavaScript Programs for Windows 8

Learn JavaScript concepts on your Windows 8 device.