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Manage the classroom and assist the trainer.


EnzLab for Windows (32-bit)

Carry out a study of enzyme kinetics using computer simulation.


Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer

Improve your typing skills and monitor your progress.


Polyglot (Azeri Dictionaries)

Read and access a Azeri-English, English- Azeri, and Russian-Azeri dictionary.


Basic Circuits Challenge

Learn electricity and electronics technology via interactive teaching program.


Audio King James Version HTML Bible

Listen to the corresponding MP3 audio file as you read each chapter of the Bible.



Manage the entire life cycle of multiple choice tests written in LaTeX.


Homeopathy for Windows 10

Best rated and most downloaded Homeopathic App on Windows Phone.


Sinhala KeyHelp

Type in Sinhala seamlessly with fonts like FM-Abhaya or FM-Bindumathi.


English Sinhala Popup Dictionary

Translate English words to Sinhala and vice versa.


Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary for HP for Windows 10

Improve your English language skills with the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.



Provide a powerful equation plotter with numerical and calculus features.