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Date added:
May 14, 2022
Date released:
July 21, 2015
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Operating system:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 10,
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Additional Requirements
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

StresStimulus v4.2

Test your web site stability under a significant user load.

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StresStimulus Editor's review

StresStimulus is a commercial load testing tool which provides a simple way to test complex websites, mobile apps and enterprise applications. StresStimulus realistically emulates user-based impact on the server infrastructure and monitors server operation and key performance indicators. Within minutes you can determine your application's scalability, pinpoint slow pages, predict system behavior under various network traffic levels and plan your system's capacity. The simplicity of StresStimulus is predicated by its end-to-end test wizard that allows to complete a load test with minimal or no experience in performance testing. Just record any web browser or other web client's activity, and hundreds or thousands of virtual users will replay it to put your web system through the rigors of heavy user load. To test the performance of your Android, Apple or other mobile device, just navigate you app and StresStimulus will create and execute a test case and create comprehensive mobile performance reports that help to track down any performance bottlenecks. After installation, you can get your first test result within 15-60 minutes depending on the complexity of your website. At any point if you need help with your load test configuration, register for a trial at, and receive an activation key for up to 10k virtual users and a private link for scheduling a WebEx support session at a convenient time. In spite of its simplicity, this performance testing tool supports all major web platforms out-of-the-box, including the most sophisticated web frameworks such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP BP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and Siebel. StresStimulus's powerful auto-correlation engine automatically generates a testing script that works. In the rare occasion when a correlation rule must be added manually, several high productivity gadgets such as the Parameter Finder and Auto-Configurator are available. Already use Fiddler, the world's most popular free web debugging proxy? StresStimulus works not only as a stand-alone load testing tool, but also as an add-on to Fiddler. And for large-scale tests, multiple load agents managed from a single controller can be deployed on your network or in the cloud. Also, StresStimulus offers a free edition with support for up to 250 virtual users.


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