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Date added:
Nov. 21, 2020
Date released:
Sept. 3, 2020
Free to try
Operating system:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 10,
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Additional Requirements
Delphi (RAD Studio), any version from the current release down to Delphi 7

OptiVec for Delphi v8.0.1

Get 3,500 assembler-written functions for floating point and integer data from various fields.

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OptiVec for Delphi Editor's review

OptiVec is a high-performance library containing more than 3500 hand-optimized functions for all floating-point and integer data types from the following fields, Vectorized form of arithmetic operators and math functions. It has Matrix operations, multiplication, inversion, LU decomposition, SVD, and Eigen values. Fast Fourier Transform techniques for efficient convolutions, correlation analyses, spectral filtering, both one- and two-dimensional.

Curve fitting for a wide range of model functions from simple linear regression to non-linear models with multiple data sets statistics. It is Analysis (derivatives, integrals, interpolation). It has Graphical representation of data and complex number math (cartesian and polar).


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