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Desktop Enhancements & Sub Categories


Update for Windows XP Service Pack 2

resolves problem with DirectShow TV tuner program


Heavy Weather

manage weather information


Adobe Dreamweaver Widget Browser

Visually browse and configure a variety of widgets submitted by various users.



Find movies currently running in your area and get directions to them.


iTunes Media Player

Manage and control iTunes playlist easily.



Create tiles to the Windows 8/8.1 start screen.


PowerBall Desktop Roller

Generate your own PowerBall numbers.


G-Force Music Visualizer

Display an artistic visualization of your music.


Desktop Clock & Calendar

Get a replacement for the gadgets that Windows 8 did away with.


Google Search

Search any information and content on Google easily.


Skype Plugin

View your Skype credit and call your favorite Skype users.


Google Search Bar

Search Google easily.