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Desktop Enhancements & Sub Categories


Time Zone Helper

View the time overlap between you and your contacts in other time zones.


Free Stopwatch Timer

Stop and start time with intervals and laps.


Free Countdown Timer

Set up an alarm clock, countdown calendar, and create reminders.


Free Tabata Timer

Set up timer for your practice of Tabata workout.


Hot Alarm Clock

Set up wake up alarms for different days of the week.


Jabat Automatic School Bell

Ring the school bell with scheduling and automation features.


Eyes Relax

Get reminders about taking breaks when working with computers.


Big Free Clock

Display the time in full screen.


World Clock

Display the time/date of any time zone in the world.


Tessa Timer

Train for agility in a more efficient way.


XNote Timer

Measure your time via fullscreen timer and stopwatch software.



Put analog clock with advanced functions on your desktop.