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Desktop Enhancements & Sub Categories


Alt-Tab Terminator

Replace s the default Alt-Tab dialog with detailed task viewer and manager.


Close All Windows

Close all open windows at once: select apps you want to close and click Ok.


Magnifier 4dots

Zoom windows and areas of the screen.


Background slideshow for Windows 10

Background slide show allow you to change device background and lock screen picture with daily Bing or customized collection.


Wallpaper Engine

Use live wallpapers on your Windows desktop.


Baffin Island Expedition by Will Christiansen for Windows 10

Go where few have gone before, to the far reaches of the Canadian Arctic's Baffin Island, in this breathtaking 4-image theme set for Windows 10.


Icon Editor Basic

Edit 32x32 pixel icons and black and white cursors.


Bing Fan Favorites - Landscapes for Windows 10

Ten of the most popular landscape photos from the Bing home page, featuring natural wonders and incredible feats of centuries-old engineering.


Dazzling Stained Glass for Windows 10

From geometric abstracts to undulating spirals, vivid colors in glass drench your desktop in luminous hues in this free, 15-set theme for Windows.


Land Down Under By Chad Copeland for Windows 10

Breathtaking aerial photographs of Australia's coastlines including the Great Barrier Reef, 12 Apostles, and Whitehaven Beach.


DailyPic for Windows 10

You like the Bing Picture of the Day? With this app, you can download them in Full-HD resolution, set them as your desktop wallpaper or lock screen and much more.


Remix 3D Winterscapes for Windows 10

Put 3D snowy scenes, a wintry steampunk village, and even a bear on a Zamboni on your desktop.