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Desktop Enhancements & Sub Categories



Organize your apps in tabs like you do with Web sites in a browser.



Maintain a history of all the clipboard operations.


Windows God Mode

Get an enhanced "God Mode" administration in Windows.


Misty Iconverter

Create icons from any of your digital image on the fly.


Disk Space Saving

Delete all of your Windows Updates downloads.



Replace the simple Print Screen tool with an advanced screenshot maker.



Customize the tiles of the Start Menu in the classic x86.


Diwali Windows 7 Theme with sound effect

Provide your Windows 7 OS with a Diwali theme with sound effects.


Hot Alarm Clock

Set up wake up alarms for different days of the week.


Agent Ransack

Find information on your hard drive quickly and efficiently.



Backup and restore currently open explorer folders.


PowerBall Desktop Roller

Generate your own PowerBall numbers.