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Communications & Sub Categories


Find Unused Contacts for Outlook

Find unused Outlook contacts and tag them with category and/or flag.


Export Addresses to Auto-Complete Files for Outlook

Save Outlook address books to NK2 or XML autocomplete list cache files.


Import Contacts from Auto-Complete Files for Outlook

Imports Outlook contacts from NK2, DAT, or XML autocomplete list cache files.


Import EML to Outlook

Import messages from EML format to the specified Outlook folder.


Shoviv PST to Office 365

Migrate Microsoft Outlook PST data to Office 365.


Import Folder Structure for Outlook

Import Outlook folder structure with permissions from XML file.


Import MBOX to Outlook

Import e-mails from MBOX files to the specified Outlook folder.


Mail Merge with Attachments for Outlook

Send personalized e-mail messages using CSV data table.


Merge Stores for Outlook

Merge selected Outlook mailboxes and PST data files.


Pack Attachments for Outlook

Compress attachments in selected Outlook folders into ZIP archives.


Redirect Messages for Outlook

Redirect, resend, or forward selected Outlook messages.


Remove Attachments for Outlook

Delete Outlook attachments from messages, contacts, calendars, and other items.