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Banana Idle

Banana Idle is not an ordinary and cool clicker. In the game you will need to collect bananas and bu


Mines Of Evil

Stop hordes of demons with a shotgun.


Notebook Pro for Windows 10

Annotate PDFs, Draw Vector Graphics, Take Notes, Design, Replace Paper, Whiteboards, Dry Erase Boards, Overhead Projectors & More all in this one awesome app.



Destroy the freaks of the sewers of Berlin.


Abandoned Containers

Go check the old dump of containers, take weapon and try to stay alive.



Create header graphics for your Web site.


Call Of Honor

Try to besiege crowds of restless bandits, protect the city.


Adventure Cop 2

Choose between good and evil and kill your enemies.


Print My Fonts

Overview and print all the Fonts installed on PC.



Manage your files efficiently through command-line.



Capture the screen or record video: whole screen, active program, window control, area application.


LoginWise Password Manager

Keep and manage your passwords in local encrypted database.